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Food at the speed of life: Don't let excess go to waste

A while back, a friend made plum jelly that wouldn’t gel, so she had a large quantity of plum sauce. I offered to take some off her hands and dreamed up uses for it. (It was tough, but somebody had to do it ...)

First, I made French toast, and instead of syrup, I poured plum sauce over it. It was a fruity, not-as-sweet twist on the classic.

Another day, I emptied a heated one-serving container of minute rice onto a plate. Then, I covered the rice with slices of half an apple and a banana.

I microwaved the whole shebang 45 seconds to soften the apple and bring out the cooked-fruit flavors. Then, the plum sauce went over the fruit and rice.

The flavors blended well, and the dish was pretty much a warm fruit salad. Cinnamon made a nice addition as long as I put enough on to make the taste show up.

I’m pretty sure the plum sauce will go well in oatmeal or on pancakes, and I think if I combine it with basalmic vinegar, I’ll have a good sauce for baked or grilled chicken.

Plum sauce is a useful little “problem.”