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Sept. 19 Police blotter

Recent calls made to Roosevelt County dispatch, according to police records:

Sept. 4

• At 7:05 p.m. officers responded to a fight in progress between the Portales city pool and the Memorial Building. When the first officer arrived, he located a group of juveniles and when he started to walk towards them, the officer saw a male subject push a female. The boy saw the officer and began to walk away. When the officer commanded the kids to stop, all but one followed the order. The male who shoved the female kept walking away. After a second command to stop, the officer jogged to the boy and grabbed his wrist. The boy pulled his hand away from the officer and the officer used an “arm bar” figuration to restrain him. The boy continued to resist and the officer brought the boy to the ground, and placed him into custody. After further investigation, the 14-year-old boy was charged with public affray and released to his parents.

Sept. 10

• Around midnight, officers responded to the 1000 block of West Second Street in reference to a fight at a bar. When officers arrived, they were told a female customer had too much to drink, and the bar staff tried to take her drink from her. Bar staff told officers the lady started to fall down with her drink, and security was needed to control the woman. The woman’s husband was escorted outside when he tried to get involved, and the woman allegedly bit the manager on the arm. Teeth impressions and bruising were visible on the manager’s arm. The woman and her husband were arrested.

Sept. 14

• At 3:58 p.m. officers responded to a fight in progress at Portales City Park. Dispatch advised officers two females were fighting and one was bleeding from the mouth and nose. The girls admitted to fighting over words and a telephone conversation the day before. All of the girls told the officer they came to the park with the intent to fight. The girls’ parents were called and the case was referred to the juvenile probation officer.

Sept. 15

• At an unknown time, officers were called to Portales High School in reference to a fight. A teacher told the principal he saw two 15-year-old boys pushing, shoving and yelling at each other. When one boy swung a punch and missed, the teacher stepped between them to break it up. The boys told the teacher that the fight started because one boy tried hitting the other in the groin, and he became angry. Both boys were charged with public affray, suspended for one day and released to their parents.

Sept. 16

• At 12:19 p.m. the Portales High School principal called police in reference to a student who was caught with marijuana. The boy was caught by a coach in the parking lot, and later admitted to having the marijuana. The 17-year-old boy was suspended for three days and removed from the school by his mother, and charged by police with a delinquent act of possession of marijuana. The case was referred to the juvenile probation officer.

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