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Letter to the editor: Strangers saved me from attack

Strangers saved me from attack

On Aug. 26, I was running my usual route along Llano Estacado headed west when a large stray dog came up to me.

At first he seemed to be friendly and actually just ran along with me for awhile. Then suddenly he started circling me and jumped on my back.

I couldn’t get the dog off of me. He was on his hind legs with his front legs wrapped around me. At this point, beginning to panic, I tried waving down cars to help me. Although the dog never bit me, his paws were scratching my legs, arms, and back.

What would you have done had you seen a woman on the side of the road with a huge dog on her back, obviously in a state of distress?

Fortunately for me, a woman finally did stop and try to help me. Shortly after that, a man in a pickup stopped also. They got the dog off of me and told me to go and they would take care of the dog.

I didn’t know who these people were and I didn’t get the chance to sufficiently thank them for their help. I would like to do that publicly now.

Thank you so much for saving me from further injury and for helping a stranger in need. I don’t know what that dog would have done to me.

There are many runners/walkers in Clovis; it is nice to know there are people watching out for us and who will help if needed.

And to dog owners, please understand that even a friendly large dog can be dangerous to people who don’t know him.