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Letter to the editor: Democrats' side also loaded with liars

Regarding Tuesday’s letter headlined “Let’s vote to take liars out of office.”

I’m somewhat surprised at the disparity in perceptions between Kirby Rowan and myself, given that we live, read and listen in the same geographical region.

I applaud him for the conviction to speak his beliefs, but I couldn’t disagree with him more.

It would seem all politicians strive to tell us what they think we want to hear, but as I view it the Obama, Pelosi, Reed, Biden, Frank, Dodd, Schumer crowd win the liars’ contest hands down.

For example:

The urgency of passing the stimulus bill; the true cost of Obama-care; the maximum unemployment rate; the “I hardly know that person” statements; the sweetheart loan deals from Fannie May & Freddie Mac; the real estate deals for the Obamas in Chicago; the $14 million grant to Oregon State coincidental with the non-firing of Michelle Obama’s basketball coach brother, etc.

I fully respect Rowan’s right to his beliefs, but I would encourage him to be as specific about the lies told, as about the names of those who told them.

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