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My turn: Drug abuse serious issue

I’m not one for making something into a big deal if it’s not warranted.

But this week’s video is just a small example of why the article in Thursday’s paper should be taken very seriously, and local pharmacies and law enforcement alike should prepare themselves.

Prescription drug abuse may not be an issue yet in Portales. But if it ever does become an issue, I hope it doesn’t slap us all in the face like it did in Farmington.

A former public service officer held up a pharmacy at gunpoint, took a hostage then led police on a high-speed pursuit through Farmington’s south side.

She made off with $11,000 in oxycontin pills. The chase finally ends when she almost plows over an officer, gets shot at, and is arrested.

The woman became addicted to pain killers because of a medical condition, says an article from the Farmington newspaper. Her tolerance to the medicine grew to the point where she needed more.

The chase, part one:

Part two:

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