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Our people: Happily ever after

Frank and Carolyn Sherman of Clovis volunteered together as Chamber Ambassadors for the Clovis and Curry County Chamber of Commerce for 21 years. Frank was in the Air Force for 20 years and retired out of Cannon Air Force Base. The couple said they were always involved in the communities where they lived. They said they enjoyed getting to meet new people and representing Clovis. The couple is retired and are moving to Air Force Village in San Antonio to be closer to their son and his wife in Houston.

What’s your idea of a perfect day? Frank: Relax with family and good friends.

What did you think on Sept. 11? Frank: As a news director I was trying to gather as much information as possible.

Carolyn: It was probably the scariest day of my life. I had the TV on and when I saw the horrible events unfolding, I could not help but wonder what was coming next.

Tell us about your pets? Frank: I am a real animal person. My wife and I have always had dogs and cats. Right now, we have my mother’s cat Missy which we promised we would take care of when she passed away.

What would you like printed on your gravestone? Frank: “I told you I was sick.” Seriously though, something like. “He did the best he could with what he had.”

What do you think about Clovis? Frank: I love Clovis. Even after we move to San Antonio, I will always promote Clovis.

Carolyn: I love Clovis and have made some very close friends here. Moving to San Antonio was a hard decision to make that took several years. My mindset was that any place the Air Force sent us what home and since we lived in Clovis for 21 years, I thought I would be here forever.

What do you do in your spare time? Carolyn: Besides cooking, gardening and reading, I love to volunteer. I joined Altrusa primarily because I was impressed with the outreach that they do. I was the music director at our church for 20 years. I joined the Chamber shortly after our arrival here and have been an ambassador ever since, enjoy doing Meals on Wheels, belong to the National Association of Chamber Ambassadors and enjoy doing ‘goodwill trips’ for them, have been on Chamber committees like the Clovis Music Festival and the Great Race and membership drives.

Tell us about a time you cried. Carolyn: Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a blubber-puss. But probably the longest cry I ever had was the four days of the funeral of John. F. Kennedy.

Tell us about a happy time. Carolyn: In October of 2009, Frank did a 15 year renewal of wedding vows in Cancun for our son Marc and his wife Daylene.

Do you have a favorite joke? Frank: No. But I like any joke that isn’t hurtful to other people. I’m not a fan of ethnic jokes.

Tell us a story about your mom or dad. Frank: My mother Florence Sherman lived to be 96 and she moved to Clovis so we were near each other. I cherish the times we had together often sitting on he patio, having a drink and talking about everything.

What is the status of your ‘Bucket List’? Carolyn: Great. We love to travel and have seen a lot of places on our list, thanks to the Air Force. We traveled to many countries in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. We have done time shares in five Mexico cities and have been to all 50 states. We celebrated New Year’s Eve in Times Square New York City, Trafalgar Square in London and the Arch ‘d Triumpe in Paris among others. Volunteered in Thailand with the hill tribe people for a year, saw the Eiffel Tower, climbed up the Washington Monument, walked on the Great Wall of China during a snowstorm, partied at Octoberfest in Munich, met several music and film stars and did many other things and plan on working more on the list in retirement.

When you were a kid, what did you think you’d be doing as an adult? Frank: I wanted to be a chef.

Carolyn: My first dream was to become an Episcopal nun. I never knew why as I was a Presbyterian. Later I wanted to be an Air Force flight nurse. Neither ever materialized.

Who is your hero and why? Carolyn: I admire the men and women in the military, police and fire forces who put their lives on the line daily so that I can live free and safe in America.

Tell us about your greatest individual accomplishment. Carolyn: For four years in England, I was the music director of the ladies ensemble at Royal Air Force Alconbury. We were approached by the Vicar of Ely Cathedral to do a concert. Because of the , I felt like I was singing with a choir of angels.

What is your favorite taste? Frank: A nice rare, well-marbled prime rib.

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