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My turn: Start making preparations for big game season

Clarence Plank

Big game season will be cranking up in the next couple of months for New Mexico residents.

Here are some tips to help you prepare:

• Always check out the place you want to go hunting, even if it’s someplace you’ve been to many times before. Some private owners could have changed their mind about giving hunters access to use or cross their land in order to reach joining state lands.

• Check out equipment, rifles, muskets, bows and arrows. You don’t want any surprises while on the hunt.

• Make sure you have water, food, knife, extra pair of clothes, jacket, fully charged cell phone and first aid kit.

• Always take a buddy or go with a group. If this isn’t possible, tell someone where you’re going to be hunting.

Tips: and remember to send your trophy photos to me so readers can see your prize.