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Superintendent says he's good fit for Clovis


The new Clovis Schools superintendent says he’s a good fit for the district and community.

Terry Myers, superintendent of Mount Pleasant (Texas) Independent School District, was named the Clovis district’s superintendent July 7.

He replaces Rhonda Seidenwurm, who resigned last month.

Myers said he’s friendly, likes to shake hands, is up front, and has an open door policy.

“I believe I have a good personality for the community,” Myers said. “I was very warmly received when I was in Clovis. It’s a community I already feel attached to.”

Myers, 54, has been superintendent in Mount Pleasant for five years. He has also served superintendent in four other Texas districts.

Myers said he wouldn’t set specific goals for his first year until he sits down with the board of education.

“There are areas I would like to see (CMS) improve,” he said. “But what my goals will be will come from mutual decisions we make as we sit down as a board and superintendent team.”

Board President Mark Lansford said there are several issues the new superintendent will need to address soon after his Aug. 1 starting date.

“One is to start developing and building relationships with the staff and the community and the board of education,” he said.

Next, Lansford said, Myers will need to examine the strengths and weaknesses of the district and develop strategies and tactics — with the board — to address those weaknesses and build on the district’s strengths.

“Another, which is eminent, is the bond election on Aug. 31. He needs to gather all the info he can about that,” Lansford said. “He should be prepared to begin connecting with the community in the process of informing the community about the intent of the board for the use of those bonds.”

The district has set a general obligation bond election to provide matching funds for capital outlay projects, including a new middle school.

Myers said he has helped lead $75 to $100 million worth of school building and bond issues.

Myers said he hopes to bring to Clovis his leadership style and instructional strategies that he has been successful in the past.

“There are a lot of strategies, a lot of ways of doing things,” Myers said. “I hope to bring to Clovis Schools my leadership abilities and alternate ways of doing curriculum, finance and business.”

Myers said his track record is one of improving school academics and public image.

“The things I have been successful in before are similar to the things Clovis needs success in,” he said.

Mount Pleasant ISD serves about 5,400 students, about 3,000 less than Clovis’ 8,400. Myers said that won’t be an issue for him.

“The business of school districts is the same between five and eight thousand,” he said.

Myers and his wife, Patricia, have two children, Audrey, 19, and Samantha, 17.