Serving Clovis, Portales and the Surrounding Communities

July 1 Commander's Action Line

Q: Why can’t the pool remain open for a longer period of time with more lap swim hours? Why can’t children wear swim diapers in the pool? Are there any plans for swim lessons to be taught?

A: Thank you for your comments. We appreciate and share your concern about the hours of operation of the pool. We understand that the Liberty Pool is one of the most popular facilities on the base for our airmen and families and it is our goal to make it available as much as possible. This year, we began recruiting for lifeguards at the end of April when summer hire program funding was announced. Although we had funding for 10 lifeguards, only 9 qualified applicants were available. Our lifeguards are high school and college students who return to school in mid-August and are no longer available during the week to provide service which is why the pool schedule consolidates to weekends in late summer. The size of our lifeguard staff also determines the pool’s operating hours. When an indoor pool that can operate year-round is constructed, we will advertise for permanent, full-time lifeguards in addition to the summer hire students we currently employ.

Thank you for your feedback on lap swim times. We will reevaluate the demand for lap swimming and adjust the operation to balance the needs of fitness and recreational pool use. Over the next three weeks, we will reserve a lap swim lane from 1200-1300 for mid-day users, track participation and adjust the schedule to meet our customers’ needs.

Requiring children to be potty trained is in the best interest for the health and safety of all our swimmers. “Swim diapers” are enhanced disposable diapers that offer some protection but not sufficient to prevent accidents in children too young to control their bodily functions. When contaminants like human waste are introduced into the pool, action is required to prevent the potential spread of recreational water illnesses, which are spread by swallowing, breathing or having contact with contaminated water. A variety of ailments can result with exposure, including gastrointestinal, skin, ear, respiratory, eye, neurological and wound infections. Pool contamination could result in closure and further assessment and testing by the Public Health department. This simple preventative measure helps keep the pool safe, clean, and available for all our patrons. The children’s pool adjacent to the main pool is available for children who are not yet potty trained.

Unfortunately we were unable to find qualified people to teach swimming lessons this year. We coordinated with the Clovis Aquatic Center to ensure lessons would be available in the local area. They have expanded their swim lesson program to provide service to the Cannon community. For more information about their lessons, please call 762-4519.