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Letter to the editor: Elected shouldn’t serve corporations

Elected shouldn’t serve corporations

With all his problems with Congress this year, President Obama may very well find it worse after the next election.

It is a cruel, mostly self-inflicted paradox for the voters. We opted for change in 2006 and 2008, feel cheated that it's not happening, or happening in the wrong direction, are angry, and may very well vote for the same merry crew MOST responsible for our resentments.

The political problem is overwhelmingly obvious. Most Congressional Republicans, and way too many Democrats, tend to support corporate interests before the concerns of real people without deep pockets. And what do we get? So far, the second worse financial crisis in 100 years, and the worst environmental crisis in American history.

What's next?

What should happen is just the reverse. We should vote operational control to the politicians (in this case, mostly liberal Democrats) most likely to work with the president as he grapples with real issues. They in turn, and the president, should face pressure from real voters from all sides as to economic accommodation to actual people, as opposed to the bottom-line needs of impersonal corporations, with obscenely overpaid CEOs with no sense of the social consequences of their actions.

Read: Wall Street and Big Oil.

Our elected officials should NOT have to answer to those with a lot of money.

But most of them do.

Most of them do.

So what can we as voters do?