My turn: Color makes the cowboy


I learned a lot about natty attire by watching my cousin, Wendel “The Anglo Mariachi Cowboy,” model at a recent Hispanic fashion show in Portales.

He wore green half-boots from Payless and bargain-bin, bright-purple JC Penney jeans from Clovis’ North Plains Mall.

The pink-rose motif cowboy shirt came from Joe’s Boot Shop in Clovis.

His turquoise ring came from a late-night visit to a Gallup truck stop. His multi-colored bolo tie and alarm-sized watch were treasures from the Peanut Valley Festival.

His gold, over-sized “AMC” (Anglo Mariachi Cowboy) belt buckle came from a Dollar General fire sale in Portales.

The faux-silver-studded belt, rainbow vest and polyester coat were bartered for in Juarez in the pre-drug war days before he was afraid to cross over to visit our cousin, Chef Juandel.

His frilly-blue sombrero and black-curly wig looked too small only because they had to cover such a big head.

His rose-colored glasses from Clovis’ Wal-Mart allowed him to paint a rosy picture of his uncertain future as an Anglo Mariachi Cowboy in Roosevelt County.

Although I’m ultra-conservative, I admire my cousin’s liberal colorfulness in a rather sartorially hidebound hamlet.


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