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Family is in harmony


The Brown family enjoys playing music and shares a strong family bond.

Wesley said he wasn’t wired to play music like the rest of the family. He started making violins about five years ago, he said.

Wesley mentioned to Linda that he wanted to start making fiddles one day and set about doing so.

Wesley started reading books about how to make violins, said Linda’s dad Dale Miller.

Wesley uses wood gouges, scrapers and other tools to make or repair violins.

“I researched it and I’ve read books all the way back to the 1600s about making violins,” Wesley said. “Then I just started. And if I got stumped, I just worked to figure it out. I do it by hand like the masters used to do it.”

Linda has been singing and playing musical instruments all her life.

“Her mother was on the Jamboree about 58 years ago so that shows you that music has been a part of this family for 58 years,” Miller said. “Frita (Linda’s mother) still sings quite a bit. She was on the show until four or five years ago from time to time, and still sings occasionally.”

Linda’s sister Kim and her husband Ken Luna and their family also play music occasionally. Linda’s brother, Len Miller, also plays music with his family in the Triple L Band and they perform all over the country.

The Brown family consists of Wesley, Linda and their children Audra, 20, Keane, 16 and Maeve, 11. Linda and her children have performed at the Floyd Jamboree every year, either playing music or singing.

“I started out on the Floyd Jamboree when I was 8 years old. That was my first year,” Linda said. She also said she started playing the guitar when she was young.

Linda said her children have been singing and started playing the guitar and violin when they were young.

“I enjoy playing music because it makes me feel good,” Linda said. “It is nothing but pure enjoyment to play music or sit and listen.”

Audra, Keane and Maeve all play different instruments. Keane, with the help of his dad Wesley, built a guitar with a mandolin attached to it.

“When I started daddy had just started making fiddles and Audra had just started playing and mom was always playing,” Keane said. “So I wanted to do that with them and I really enjoy it.”

Maeve is the youngest. She sings, plays fiddle and is learning how to play the saxophone. Audra plays guitar and sings.

Linda and Wesley think it is wonderful they have children who enjoy playing music and singing.

“We are glad that they are interested in it,” Wesley said. “They work side-by-side with us and we work and play together. If the kids want to try something, then more power to them ... that is one thing I have to compliment the kids on, if there is something they want to do, they stick with it.”


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