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Letter to the editor: Poly-carts have many more disadvantages


Poly-carts have many more disadvantages

Richard Baca in his letter to the editor in Sunday’s CNJ makes some good points about the problems with poly-carts, but he missed a number of important disadvantages.

The carts when filled may be too heavy for elderly or handicapped residents to wheel to the street. The carts when empty can easily be blown across the street or tipped over in the street by our strong winds.

The carts don’t hold enough. The lawn clippings from a normal lawn will more than fill the cart so what happens to the garbage bags?

The limited capacity of a poly-cart will necessitate trips to the dump with yard debris, small appliances, tree limbs and other bulky items. These can easily be put in a dumpster. This is a major and expensive inconvenience, especially if one has to contract for debris removal because he can’t take it to a dumpster or doesn’t have a truck.

What do you do with the cart when taking a vacation? Someone has to have access to your garage in order to put the cart back in or a neighbor must pull the empty cart up on your driveway. If you don’t have a garage, cart storage might be a problem.

It has been said that new developments don’t have dumpsters. This is because wide alley easements cost a developer more money than a utility easement. Some of us are stuck with poly-carts, but it isn’t our choice.


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