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Their view: Candidate vows to fight corruption

Allen Weh, a Republican candidate for New Mexico governor, has this to say about government corruption:

“Public corruption in New Mexico has reached embarrassing levels and has redefined “politics as usual” in our state — for the worst.

“As a candidate for governor, my first pledge to the people of New Mexico will be to fight corruption and eradicate it wherever we can. ...

“As governor, I will aggressively root out corrupt individuals and practices within state government, from the Fourth Floor of the Roundhouse to the smallest of state offices in all 33 counties.

“I will work on a bi-partisan basis to ensure the offices of the attorney

general, the state auditor, and all district attorneys have the tools they need to investigate crime and fraud and bring perpetrators to justice.

“I’ll lead by example and make sure all areas of state government are fully

transparent and operate in the light of day.”

The content is from his website:

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