Coloring the sky


Sam Pedregon’s 300 foot dragon kite is the length of a football field.

A dragon kite the length of a football field

welcomed attendees to the seventh annual Kite Karnival.

The 300-foot kite belonged to Sam Pedregon of Colorado. Its colorful striped tale was one of the kites that dotted the sky over Doc Stewart Park Saturday.

Pedregon brought the 300-foot dragon, a custom-made kite from New Zealand, a 150-foot dragon, an octopus and a trilobite, each large enough that Pedregon had to use his body weight to pull their anchored lines to keep them from becoming tangled with each other.

Pedregon said he travels from kite festival to kite festival showing off his special shape kites.

Maj. Rob Chambers of Cannon Air Force Base brought his three sons to the event.

“This is something we’ve done every year. I love flying things and I’m teaching the boys about flying. And we’re enjoying guy time,” Chambers said.

A Blue Angels kite was among the five kites the family brought to the event. Chambers said the family picked up the kite while stationed in Pensacola, Florida.

Sr. Airman Lauren Cima came to the event to work, but found time to play. She was on hand to provide first aid, if needed.

Cima, 21, said the Kite Karnival served as a good way to bring families from Clovis and Cannon Air Force Base together.

“It’s good to connect Clovis and Cannon like that. And it’s so windy here, it’s (Kite Karnival) perfect,” she said.

Maria Felix and her two children came to the event for the second year in a row.

“It’s fun for my kids,” she said.

Tech Sgt. Robert Nora was on his way to another event in Clovis and saw the kites.

“I don’t remember seeing kites like this when I was a kid,” Nora said.

He and two of his children attended the event.

Paul Hopkins, community center manager, said attendees slowly and steadily came to Doc Stewart for the event. He said about 400 attended, which is far short of the 1,500 he said attended last year.

Hopkins credited the chilly and windy weather and other events in town for the low attendance.


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