First person: Texico writer wins award


CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Kimberly Fried of Texico, who writes under the name Devyn Quinn, has been writing off and on for 20 years.

Kimberly Fried of Texico, 44, was the Romantic Times 2009 Reviewers’ Choice award for her paranormal erotic romance novel “Possession”.

She writes under the name Devyn Quinn.

Paranormal what?: Paranormal means the supernatural. “Possession” is about a book possessed by demons and the main character is attracted to the demon that comes out of the book. The first thing you learn as a writer is that you write what the market is buying. I started writing gothic novels and then the erotic genre started taking off. The inspiration for “Possession” came from a movie with Johnny Depp in it called the Ninth Gate. He is searching for a rare book and I thought I could use that book. I made it possessed by demons. The book can’t be destroyed. It can only be passed on from one generation to another and a different demon is waiting for each person.

Traveling woman: I was born in Muleshoe. I moved to Washington state for a while. I was working as a theater manager and they transferred me to Helena, Mont. I didn’t like it there. I wasn’t happy. It paid well but they want theater managers to be there 24 hours at a time. I came home one day and my cats had no food or water so I quit. I came back to Texico.

Homegrown gal: I lived in Muleshoe for 22 years. There are times when I wish there were more resources. There are times when I wish conventions would come here. But overall, this is a nice quiet place and I enjoy being here. It’s home.

Inspirado: I watch TV and movies. I take time away from my computer. I run a ferret rescue on the side so I do that. I clear my mind and I think about what is not being done. A writer has two kinds of writing. There’s the book of their heart and the book editors want. Sometimes there is a conflict but you know you need that paycheck. In the end, it’s a job.

Avid reader: My favorite thing is to read. I read non-fiction, biography and history. Fiction all runs together and I don’t want to see what some one else has written. I want my stuff to be fresh. I enjoy reading about characters from real life people. I have a better understanding of human nature when you read about real struggles someone went through.


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