Catching up with a friend


A conversation between Don and longtime friend Louis Pattison.

Pattison speaks:

“Don, I contacted Hoyt Pattison and neither he nor I know what the colors of the Claud basketball team were. (Now this was in December 2006).

“I’m not sure they had any color as I am unaware of their existence. Hoyt and I were graduates of the Claud eighth grade. Hoyt did have the phone number for Steve Flores...and he said if you didn’t get him, to leave him a message on his answering system.

“Sue, my wife, and I were present at the Claud Pleasant-Hill reunion and I talked with your sister (Mary Lou) for a spell. I was glad to get reacquainted with her and to hear about your family. Sorry about Herbert Wayne McAlavy’s death. By the way, Hoyt said Steve works with Harold Kilmer (I think it was Kilmer?), if that will help you any.

“We had six extra for the day of Christ’s celebration. Our daughter Lynn and her two daughters plus one daughter’s intended. Charles was here from Roswell making it six.

“Dean Pattison, our middle one, was on the railroad from here to Belen and back. He should be back presently. Had a good day as we were able to have all our children present, as soon as Dean returns.

“We were thankful for the snow, sleet and a little rain which mounted to one-and-a-half inch in the rain gauge, which is good on the dryland wheat. Got a strong north wind last night with just a few flecks of snow but it all helps. Glad you and Kathy McAlavy had such a wonderful day and hope you didn’t eat too much. Enjoy your notes in the paper so keep up the good work. Take care and celebrate our Lord’s birthday every day of your life.”

Don speaks:

“Louis, we had 20 kin and next of kin for Christmas dinner here in our home in St. Petersburg, Fla. A squall of rain and tornados hit the coast near here this morning at 9 a.m., but did no damage here but tore up some dozens of homes north of Tampa, about 40 miles or so from us in St. Petersburg. It got to 81 degrees today and we had to turn on our air conditioner. ...

My sister, Mary Lou, was at that reunion as I had asked her to be there.

Well, Louis, I’ve many other reunions to get at. Yes, my brother died Nov. 7. 2006, in Denton, Texas, after being in a rest home for about three years.

Don McAlavy is Curry County’s historian. He can be contacted at: [email protected]


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