By PNT Staff 

My turn: The one that got away


Charley Johns and his son Peter, from Lubbock, went hunting in Texas a few years ago. Peter was looking to get his first kill.

After a lot of waiting and changing locations, they finally saw a huge buck coming their way.

Charley wasn’t close enough to get a clean shot. But Peter was only a few feet away.

Peter raised his gun as the trophy cautiously continued forward.

A few moments passed with no shots ringing out.

“Take it,” Charley finally whispered. “What are you waiting for? Take it.”

Charley said the deer finally took off when it heard Peter swear.

Peter and Charley stood up and watched the prize run off into the distance. Peter turned to his dad, while putting his head down.

“The safety was on,” he said.

“It jammed and I couldn’t get it unlocked.”

Clarence Plank is a Portales News-Tribune writer and can be reached at 356-4483 or by e-mail:

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