Communication Squadron releases inspection list


The base will have a Command Cyber Readiness Inspection on May 10 and you can help keep us “connected” by abiding by the following 10 items.

1. Restart your machine at the end of every duty day. It’s the same number of clicks as “log off” and it ensures you have all current software patches by the time you log on the following morning.

2. Re-boot your machine to avoid losing data. All machines have a forced re-boot every seven days if you fail to do this.

3. Reconnect your laptop to the network upon return from leave, TDY or home and do a system restart to process the latest patches and security software.

4. Take notice of your surroundings. Are comm-closet doors left open? SIPR lock-boxes unattended? Computers left logged in and unattended? Common Access Cards unattended? If so take corrective action.

5. Police each other. Employ teamwork in keeping personal electronic devices out of areas that process secret-level information. For example iPods, cellphones, PDAs, pagers, and USB storage devices are forbidden.

6. Keep SIPR computers on as long as security posture permits. Also, SIPR machines must stay on during scheduled patching times in accordance with 27th Special Operations Wing policy.

7. Label all portable media such as compact discs and hard drives according to classification.

8. Turn SIPR monitors away from windows and entry ways to avoid potential exposure of classified information.

9. Maintain proper separation between SIPR and NIPR systems.

10. Announce entry of un-cleared personnel to classified areas to give individuals a chance to sanitize their areas of classified information.


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