Family collects, sends DVDs to airmen overseas


The Goolsbys sent 1,600 movies to airmen overseas last year and their goal is to break that record.

Landall Goolsby owns Landall’s Box Office in Portales and his mother Peggy runs it for him. He lives in Los Angeles and works as an actor.

The family began sending VHS tapes to airmen 10 years ago.

Landall said the staff of the small store have always been close to their customers.

“It’s more like the relationship between a customer and their barber rather than someone who checks out your groceries,” he said. “They talk to us.”

Peggy said airmen would stop by the store and let them know when they were being deployed. The Goolsby’s began asking if they had room in their luggage to include some movies.

They send 100 movies in a box at a time. Peggy said she makes sure to pack a good box.

“It’s a matter of pride for me to make a good box,” she said. “Including new releases.”

Peggy also makes sure that every movie she sends is scratch-free.

The Goolsby’s said they send movies because, well, they’re a movie store.

“And I can’t imagine being somewhere without American TV or books or movies,” Landall said.

Peggy said she makes sure not to send movies about war or movies in which death is a main element.

“They see all that enough,” she said.

The Gooslby’s said they never miss the movies they send and said the more they give the better.

“It lets them know we’re thinking about them. It’s a little thing we can do in return,” Peggy said.

Peggy said the movies gives the airmen an escape while they’re waiting and is a moral booster.

“It’s the only thing I know to do,” she said.

The airmen have shown their appreciation by stopping by in person when they come back, sending cards and other memorabilia including a large shell signed by members of the 16th Special Operations Squadron.


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