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RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas — Officers and enlisted airmen reaching 15 years of active-duty service will have new procedures in place beginning April 1 to accept enrollment in the Redux retirement plan.

Airmen will receive an electronic notification of their eligibility for the High-3 Choice retirement plan that allows members to choose a $30,000 career status bonus in exchange for lower retirement pay under Redux.

The notification will inform airmen of their option to elect CSB, advise them on how to accept the bonus, and instruct them on how to initiate the payment request.

Members who do not respond to the notification will automatically revert to the High-3 retirement plan.

“A relatively low interest in the CSB led to the change in the notification and election process,” said Col. William Foote, the director of personnel services at the Air Force Personnel Center here. “Streamlining this procedure reduces the strain of paperwork for airmen and returns valuable time back to members, commanders and support staffs.”

Ann Lacey, an AFPC retirement procedures specialist, explained that all members were previously required to initiate a CSB election whether they desired the bonus or not, requiring all eligible airmen to complete a DD Form 2839, Career Status Bonus Election, and commanders to review their records. However, only a little more than 20 percent of airmen were electing the bonus.

“These changes are going to greatly reduce the workload for all parties involved in the CSB process,” she said.

The change eliminates the need to complete the form for members who do not wish to elect the CSB after notification has been acknowledged, thereby saving airmen and their units time by reducing paperwork.

The Redux retirement plan affects members initially entering the military or uniformed service Aug. 1, 1986, or later. Redux is one of three retirements plans in effect based on an airmen’s date of initial entry to the uniformed service and currently applies to more than 92 percent of the active force.

For information about CSB visit and type “Career Status Bonus” or “Redux” into the search engine, or call the Total Force Service Center at 800-525-0102.


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