It's their job: Business expands beyond TV repair


Robert Encinias, 59, is the owner of Robert’s TV & Appliance, an electronics store.

He is a Portales native and Eastern New Mexico University graduate. He started the business in 1962.

What’s the typical day like for you? “Basically we meet the customers’ need, sell things all day long, order products, stay up with the technology in this industry. I have a service center in my shop and we service what we sell.”

What do you most enjoy this job? “I most enjoy the challenge of this job. Every day is different on this job. Different needs for different customers. Customers are more than customers, they are also my friends and they are very loyal to me. I take care of their needs.”

Why did you choose this job? “When I started this business, I thought electronics was a big industry and had a good future. That’s why I started this store. Now it has expanded into appliance, furniture, and bedding.”

What type of training do you need for this job? “Principles about electronics are what I need for this job. I got training years ago and this industry developed very fast. What I learned for this job in school is quite different from that of today.”


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