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Martin Luther King Jr. essay contest, middle school first place


We all need to remember and act upon these words: REMEMBER, CELEBRATE and ACT. We all need to remember what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did and what he believed was right. We need to celebrate his honor and courage for standing up for his beliefs. Every one of us need to act as he once did. If we all live by these words, we could make the world a better place to live in.

The first important word is REMEMBER. Let’s remember how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought against segregation, but not with his fists. He fought with his words and that made a difference. He believed that fighting violently was unnecessary. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. knew that this kind of action wasn’t going to solve any problem anyone had. He believed it only made it worse.

Let’s remember his speech that changed many peoples lives. “I have a dream...” are the most unforgettable words of his speech. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream was for everyone to realize that all men were created equal. That there is no difference between Caucasians and African Americans. His dream was that one day when his own children grew up, they would not be distinguished by their skin color but by what really matters. He hoped they would be singled out by their personality.

The next important word is CELEBRATE. We must celebrate the days Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spent changing people’s views to see what is right. He had enough courage to stand up to all of the people who opposed to his perceptions. We should be honored by him for being himself and not caring what other people thought of him. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. overlooked the awful criticism people displayed towards him.

We need to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his desire to change the actions of people who did wrong. Even though a crowd of people followed and shared his judgment on what is right, there were still people who believed he was wrong and things were just fine the way they were. Those people tried constantly to get Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to diminish his belief that everyone one was created equally no matter their skin color. They could not break him down no matter how hard they tried. He had more bravery and courage than anyone could have imagined.

The last important word is ACT. This means we need to look at our behavior and act appropriately. We must commit ourselves to get rid of all of the racism that still exists in the world. Ignorance plays a big part in the way people act and treat others. People should view someone not by the way they look but by the way of their character. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. believed this to be true. He knew the importance of equality.

He knew the difference between right and wrong. He had an amazing vision of what the future could be for all mankind. He tried to correct the situation that he found himself in. He used his intelligence and heart of gold and acted in the best way possible. He could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Here is something to think about. Instead of repeating what we should or might do, how about we finish what has been started. We can get rid of rude comments made between races and any harmful acts that may follow. Lets become friends with everyone we meet even though they may be different from you. We hold the power in our hands. We can change the way of the world.


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