Letter to the Editor: Greed reason for high rental costs


I am appalled by the high cost of rent in the Portales/Clovis area.

I am a retired military dependent. Here our troops are fighting in a war, defending and protecting our country. Since Cannon Air Force Base has remained opened, and more squadrons have come in, to raise the cost of rent to such outrageous prices is ridiculous!

What message does this send?

Melrose and Texico’s prices have not skyrocketed. It’s no wonder CAFB personnel have turned to those two communities.

And have Portales and Clovis forgotten about the citizens who live here more permanently? We don’t have the jobs to provide the income to match the cost of the rent here. What are people supposed to do?

Where in the Bible does it state that greedy is a good thing?

I have to say shame on the owners of Portales and Clovis residential properties. It’s cheaper to live in Florida than here.


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