Letter to the editor: Weh understands concept of budget


Weh understands concept of budget

I met New Mexico gubernatorial candidate Allen Weh several weeks ago, and I was thoroughly impressed.

He’s a combat veteran of the Marine Corps, and he runs a very successful business out of Albuquerque. What’s more is he believes state government should be run like a business. That sounds like common sense to me.

Like a business, you don’t spend more money than what you have in the bank, you provide A-class services, and you keep a savings for tough times.

It sounds a lot like running a household budget, and it should certainly be the same philosophy we use in running our government.

Yet it’s something the Denish-Richardson administration failed to follow, and now our state is sinking in debt.

I’m voting for Allen Weh, because he’s going to get us out of this mess and make sure that it never happens under his watch.


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