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Cameo Elementary's Parent Center offers space for children, parents to spend time together

History is in the making.

Now, I know each day we live, we are actually making history, but what you might not know is that you are actually reading a part of history…right now. Yep, this article is making history in two ways.

First, this is my first official article for a newspaper (if my high school paper doesn’t count).

Secondly, the Clovis News Journal has allowed Clovis Municipal Schools to have a weekly article informing you of the various happenings in our schools.

How exciting.

Before I accepted this job as communications specialist for Clovis schools, I knew we had great schools, but I didn’t know Clovis actually has 19 schools.

And, though I knew there were great things going on in Clovis Municipal Schools, I have been amazed at the various programs and many different teaching techniques at each location.

The first adventure I want to take you on is at Cameo Elementary School. This past week, they invited me and all their parents to a new program they have; it is located in a room to the left as you enter the building.

Immediately, when you enter the room, you think “home.” The room has a nice couch with a coffee table, and across from that is a table with four chairs surrounding it. There’s a counter across from the table and chairs and this particular day, it had snacks and punch.

They call this wonderful place the Parent Center.

This is a fabulous room they have renovated to provide a welcoming atmosphere for parents to spend quality time with their kids during the school day.

While talking to Principal Tony Igo he reminded me there are parents who work at night and don’t have time after school to be with their kids. The Parent Center program actually encourages parents to be with their children during the school day.

The center provides a place where parent and child can do homework and read together.

Also, there might be parents who want to come to the school during their lunch hour or some other time in the day to help their children at school. The Parent Center offers this opportunity.

And, if the initial response is any indicator, this center is a home run. Rebecca Harrell is responsible for the Parent Center and if you have any questions about this, please contact her at [email protected] or call the school at 769-4440.

If you know of any programs or special people you would like me to visit, you may contact me at [email protected].

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting the educators, staff and children in our schools.