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GOP candidate plans 2010 run for 3rd Congressional District seat


August 31, 2009

Adam Kokesh believes a revolution is needed to return America to its constitutional principles — and there’s an easy way or a hard way to do it.

“The good way,” Kokesh said, “is to elect candidates who know the Constitution and will uphold democracy and its principles.”

He is running for the 3rd Congressional District spot that comes up for vote in 2010. Democrat Ben Ray Lujan currently occupies the seat.

Kokesh does not consider himself a Republican, but said he is running in the Republican primary because it’s the major party most closely aligned with his values.

He calls the federal government an example of organized crime, and said the best way to control it is to get elected and reduce it from the inside.

Thursday marked his latest trip to eastern New Mexico, as he attended a High Plains Patriots town hall meeting. He spoke with Freedom New Mexico on a previous visit.

Here are some of the issues Kokesh discussed:

• Economy: Kokesh said the policies of bailing out large businesses seen as too big to fail has done nothing for the average American — particularly rural New Mexico residents.

“They are realizing the economy’s not because of anything that happened here,” he said.

Kokesh promises to oppose bail outs of private entities.

He would also seek to abolish the Internal Revenue Service — which he calls a sinkhole for hard-earned dollars.

• Education: Kokesh wants to get rid of the Department of Education. He said that sounds extreme, but added the department doesn’t run a single school and administers standards that just can’t work for every area.

“It’s an insult to the people of New Mexico to abdicate responsibility (for education) to the federal government,” he said.

• Plea of poverty: Kokesh said if he is elected, he will not accept the full salary of a U.S. Congress member. Instead, he will opt for the average American salary.



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