By CNJ staff 

Police blotter — Aug. 26


Samplings of recent calls received by Clovis-area law enforcement officers, according to reports:

Around 11 a.m. Aug. 15 an officer responded to the 200 block of 11th Street for a found handgun.

A man said he was there visiting a friend and saw a handgun lying on the ground next to his vehicle.

A check on the serial number for the .22 caliber semi-auto handgun revealed it had not been reported stolen.

The officer placed the gun in evidence.


About 10 p.m. Aug. 15 officers responded to a residence in the 900 block of Willow for a domestic dispute.

A neighbor reported a man and woman were arguing and the man was damaging vehicles on the street.

When an officer arrived, he saw a man chase a female into the residence. When the officer yelled for the man to stop and talk to him, he went into the residence and slammed the door shut. Officers could hear him threatening the woman inside.

An officer spotted the man trying to cover a window at the front of house and knocked on the window trying to get the man to come out.

While the officer was knocking on the window, something caused the window to shatter from the inside, spraying glass all over the officer.

Other officers entered through a back door and twice used an electronic stun gun to subdue him.

The woman refused to give a statement.

The man was arrested for criminal damage, assault and disorderly conduct.


About 3 a.m. Aug. 16 officers responded to 12th and Prince for a report of shots fired.

A man said he and some friends were in is front yard hanging out when a vehicle passed. The occupants started yelling the name of their gang.

He said he and his friends yelled back the name of their gang and when the people in the vehicle parked nearby, he said he and his friends yelled to them to come and fight, but they did not respond so they went in the house.

A few minutes later, the man said they heard gunshots and everybody hit the floor of the house.

Officers found seven bullet holes in the front of the house and a matching number of casings in the road in front of the house.

Two of the people in the residence were found to have outstanding warrants and were arrested.


Around 9 p.m. Aug. 16 an officer responded to the 800 block of Connelly for a robbery report.

A woman said she was walking her dog near 12th and Connelly streets. A vehicle stopped beside her and two males got out.

She said one of the men tried to take her dog, saying it was his. She said she then reached down and picked her dog up but the man forcibly took the dog from her arms, got back in the car and drove off.

The woman was able to provide the officer with a license plate number but the suspect could not be immediately located.

Police blotter is compiled by CNJ staff writer Sharna Johnson. She can be contacted at 763-6991 or: e-mail to: [email protected]


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