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Shafer believed in living busy life

Bea Shafer lived life to the fullest, not allowing negativity to strain a personality which brought laughter and joy to those closest to her.

She lived life on the go traveling, playing cards and dancing. Bea Shafer died on Dec. 17, 2004.

Douglas L. Shafer, Bea’s husband, said his wife was always on the go.

“She didn’t believe in sitting down and moaning,” he said, “but rather keeping herself busy.”

Family members said this is what helped her maintain a young heart.

“She was a lovely, beautiful and kindhearted woman,” said Douglas. “We had seven of the most wonderful years of marriage because of the way she patterned her life; living it to the fullest.”

“I loved the way she thought of me,” said Douglas. “When I entered the room or walked around her, she lit up. We gave each other life,” he said.

Bea Shafer was born on Sept. 14, 1926, in Snyder, Texas, to Birtie and Neal G. Smith.

She attended Southwestern Business College in Plainview, Texas, where she worked for a finance company. She moved to Dora, where she worked as an assistant postmaster then worked in Portales for several years. She married Douglas L. Shafer on Aug. 2, 1997, in Portales.

“Our family had a close relationship,” said Chuck Strain, Bea’s son. “We got together for suppers and holidays.”

He said his mother had a terrific sense of humor and a great love for children and once owned a daycare center in Portales.

“She loved to cut up and joke around by play tricks on people,” he said. “That was just part of who she was because she too was a kid at heart.”