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Letters to the Editor: Bell ringers need enthusiasm, spirit

This last month my husband and I have had a lot of discussions about the Salvation Army bell ringers.

I am not sure the weather had a lot to do with the fact that the donations were down. I honestly think it had to do with the people who were supposed to be doing this job.

For example, there was one lady that the only way you would know she was a bell ringer was because she had on one of the red coats. She had the can in the middle of the walkway and then she was sitting in a folding chair about 10 feet from the collecting can. She was not ringing the bell and, worse than that, she was not even speaking to the people as they were going into the store or leaving.

My grandson asked me why I did not put money in the can and I told him I didn’t feel the spirit.

This type of spirit wasn’t outside just one store.

One time a bell ringer was visiting with so many of his friends that you could not get near the can.

I must say that some bell ringers were a joy to see, laughing and joking with the stores’ customers, and I enjoyed making contributions at those stores. But the workers who didn’t seem to have any Christmas spirit could not have helped the Salvation Army’s cause.

Carla Hammar


Government should respect all religions

Our Constitution does state that the government shall not establish any one religion. I totally agree with that idea. However, that does not mean that the government shall not respect any religion — that would be completely ludicrous.

Our country’s foundation was built upon the Judeo-Christian religions. Will we ever learn from history that those countries that devalue ethical and moral values completely decay from within? Moral and ethical values derive their pre-eminence from religious teaching.

Our country would be remiss if it didn’t acknowledge and respect all religions by allowing displays of its many religious forms even on government property.

We the people should redress our government on this issue.

Ruben A. Pro


Inmates deserve no holiday sympathy

Regarding this weekend’s story titled “Holiday Blues: Christmas can be rough for the families of inmates:” I couldn’t possibly care less.

If people choose to break the law, that is a decision they made and the consequences should not result in public sympathy. True, it is unfortunate that their families suffer while incarcerated — that should give them something to think about, both the inmate and their family.

Where are the stories about truck drivers and train-crew families? How about the families of military members overseas?

I don’t know about the rest of your readers, but I for one am tired of the compassion shown for convicted criminals and illegal immigrants (which in my opinion are just as bad) ... especially this time of year. I recall similar articles being published in this newspaper through the last few years and have made a decision to let my subscription run out. I am one subscriber who is finally willing to make a stand.

Jeff Thomas


Democrats not biblically ignorant

The editorial cartoon in the Monday’s News Journal would suggest that Democrats have no knowledge of the Bible.

I wonder if President Bush (without a teleprompter) would like to take on President Clinton concerning biblical knowledge?

I sincerely hope that the Democratic Party will not pander to religious groups as the Republicans have in order to win the White House.

Carolyn Stag