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Shoppers hit stores for post-Christmas bargains

Some were exchanging presents. Others were looking for post-Christmas bargains. Leslie Cargile of Farwell was just looking to get out of the house.

Cargile was one of hundreds of shoppers who visited the North Plains Mall on Sunday to check on post-holiday sales.

“I had to work this morning, so (shopping) has been a very nice release,” said Cargile, pushing her 2-year-old son Jackson in a stroller. Cargile felt no pressure to buy gifts Sunday, even with the huge bargains. “No worries ... If I find something great, if not, it is not a loss.”

Stores slashed prices even deeper to squeeze sales from what is the busiest month of the year.

B. Dalton Bookseller instituted at “Dot Sale” this year, with color dots signifying discounts.

“It is busier than expected,” said B. Dalton Bookseller manager Sarah Gonzales, who said the store received a steady stream of customers.

“It has been a mixture of shoppers, some looking for bargains and some looking for a specific title,” she said.

Samantha Chavez of Clovis was ready for Christmas to be over.

“I am tired, after exchanging, I am going home.” said Chavez, who was exchanging shoes and sunglasses.

She said she wasn’t interested in bargains. At least not Sunday. “I might come back in a few days.”

Nationwide, merchants are finding themselves in the same position they were in last year, relying on the days just before Christmas and post-holiday sales to save the season. Last year, a late spending surge gave retailers a better-than-expected holiday season, delivering solid gains over the previous year. In 2002, however, the last-minute boost before and after Christmas was not enough to overcome December’s earlier weakness.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.