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Personalities Plus: Lori Bohm

Information compiled by Laurie Stone

Name: Lori Bohm

Age: 45 November 15, 1958

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

Occupation: Mulit-line Career Agent with Farm Bureau Financial Services & Associate Real Estate Broker with Buena Vista Reality

Family: Husband John Bohm; step-son, Jon Bohm; daughter, Kristi Headley; step-daughters, Diane Escalante and Debbie Dicus.

Hobbies and group involvement: I love to read and travel. I am involved in the Women’s Ministry at Central Christian Church. I also serve on the board of directors of the Roosevelt County Electric Co-op and I am a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

What do you think of Portales?

“I love Portales and the People. I think it is a great place to live and raise a family. We moved here in 1986 and it was the best decision we ever made.”

What do your visualize your life being in 10 years?

“I hope to be alive, well and doing what I am doing today.”

What would you like printed on your gravestone?

“Not gone, just gone ahead.” RIP = Rejoicing In Paradise

What do you like about your job?

“Working with people and helping them with their family and financial planning, whether it be helping them find their dream home or taking care of their insurance and future financial needs.

There is no greater satisfaction than going to visit surviving family members after the death of a loved one and being able to assure them that they will be okay. And that they can go on without having to change their lifestyle, because their loved one cared enough to have life insurance in place to take care of their needs.”

Tell us about your spouse.

“John is the most talented person I know. He knows so much about so many things and can fix or build anything. He is a colon cancer survivor. He came through all of his test, surgery and treatments without complaining. He had a positive attitude because of his faith and the knowledge that God is in control of his life.”

Name two things you have learned from life?

“1. There is a God,

2. I am not God, I just keep forgetting that he doesn’t need my help.”

Tell us about your parents.

“My father is 90 years-old and my mother is 83 years-old. My father was a glider pilot in World War II. They have been married for 62 years. They moved to Portales four years ago and live next door to me. They are both wonderful and caring people. I wanted them to move here so I could help take care of them as they got older, but instead they’re here taking care of me.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after they moved here and they helped me through my treatments. My mother still spoils me. She comes over and helps by doing things around the house. They take care of my four Yorkshire Terriers and a Chihuahua spoiling them. That’s a full time job in itself.”

If money were no object, what would you do to make Portales a better place?

“I would open a Family Life Center with trained Christian counselors where people could go and get help, food, prescription medications and counseling free of charge.”

Tell us about one of your greatest adventures?

“I had the opportunity to go to Haiti for 10 days, after Christmas this past year, on a medical mission trip with my church. It was an awesome experience that I would not trade for anything. We do not realize in this country how blessed we a truly are.”

What is your favorite song(s)?

“One Day at a Time, Sweet Jesus” and “This World is Not My Home.”

What is your life’s motto?

“If life gives you a lemon, make lemonade. Don’t get bitter, get better, and Life is a grindstone, but whether it grinds you down or polishes depends on you.”

Name one thing you like about yourself.

“I have a positive attitude and I try to find the good in all things. I believe you can always learn something and find joy in any experience be it good or bad. In some situations you have to look harder than others.”

Tell us about your greatest individual accomplishments.

“Becoming the person I am today. I became a wife and mother by the time I was 16 years-old. Kristi was only three when her father was killed in an auto accident. I survived and went on to complete my education. I married John when Kristi was five. John adopted Kristi after we were married. We have been married over 25 years. I have been truly blessed wit a wonderful life, family and career.”

Who is your hero and why?

“Patt Willis and Kim Huffman of the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development because they both work so hard and do so much for our community.”

Tell us about you most embarrassing moment?

“Recently, I went on a cruise with 11 other women to Belize. One night, the attire for dinner was formal. I chose to wear a skirt that is heavily beaded, literally. When I arrived at the dining room, where my friends were already seated, my skirt fell to my knee and my slip was the only thing that spared what dignity I had left.”