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Author makes presentation at ENMU

Eastern New Mexico University hosted a leadership workshop with journalist and author Alexandra Robbins who gave a brief overview of her book, “Conquering Your Quarter Life Crisis.”

Following the workshop, she gave a presentation covering her book, “Secrets of the Tomb: Skull and Bones, The Ivy League, and the Hidden Paths of Power.” The secret society has many famous members, including both George W. Bush and John Kerry.

Robbins is a 27-year-old journalist from Washington, D.C. that hopes to awaken the community to a darkened crisis that plagues the younger generation in their early 20s to late 30’s.

Robbins said the quarter life crisis mentioned in her book is similar to the mid-life crisis that adults go through, but is often overlooked as not being an issue by the older generation.

She narrows her focus by identifying the crisis as a collection of daily pressures a younger generation has to encounter due to the increase of college graduates and the stiff competition to succeed.

Robbins said students are not prepared to succeed in life after college which catapults some people into depression because they are unclear of their purpose and direction in life or they have chosen a career that does not satisfy them.

Calling a crisis a turning point, Robbins said that everyone encounter a crises during some time in their life.

She said the younger generation believes that because they start something, they must finish it especially if they’ve invested a large amount of time into it.

“It’s OK to change your mind,” she said.

Robbins addressed 28 issues in her book “Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis” to help the younger generation survive their quarterlife crisis. One of them being, take risks.

“I want to make the public aware of the crisis that the 20’s (to late 30’s) face to provide as a roadmap for those not knowing that it exists,” said Robbins.

Ronald Brown, a senior at ENMU, said the workshop answered a lot of questions for him concerning his expectations of himself and that it was OK to ask his parents for help concerning a job.

Kim Bryant, also an ENMU senior, held a different viewpoint.

“I saw her point of taking time (to make choices), but there is a time when you need to ask the tough questions (about life),” Bryant said.