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Teen gets closer to God in trailer

Some adventures in music take people across the planet. Scott Handy’s took him to his family’s back yard.

Handy cut and produced his first album, “Think Twice,” in a trailer behind his parent’s house which is where he lives and produces his music.

The 14-foot-by-56-foot mobile home trailer was added to Bob and Ramona Handy’s back yard because they wanted their 15-year-old son, now 19, to have his own breathing room but keep him within a reasonable distance of his parents.

As Scott’s talent in guitar and vocals, began to bloom, the trailer became Scott’s studio as well as his living quarters.

Scott and his brother Anthony, who has since moved to Oklahoma, are the vocalists and guitarists on “Think Twice.”

They used a computer program called Pro Tools to mix their songs.

Their music has a mix of Christian, alternative and rhythm and blues.

“My parents are very supportive of the studio because they believe in the talent God gave me,” said Scott. “They helped me to furnish the studio with computers, microphones and mic(rophone) stands, a new sound system, new mixing boards and cables.”

To obtain a clean and quiet atmosphere for recording, Scott used blankets and padding for the walls which help to deaden sound.

The trailer currently has no water or plumbing, but does have electricity.

Scott currently works at Hamilton GM Country as a detailer.

“I had to get a job in order to get the electricity installed,” he said.

Scott is from a musical family. He said the family used to travel from church to church singing, but had to stop when life threw them some curves.

“For us, church was the whole family gathering around the table and worshiping God for hours,” he said. “This is how we kept it all together.”

Scott admitted to not knowing the Bible very well, but said he does know who the Holy Spirit is and how he feels when God arrives during worship.

He credits his vocal and acoustic ability to God.

“I don’t know how I come up with the things that I do unless its Him giving it to me,” he said. “I’ll hear a certain parts of a song in my head that sounds like, ‘1-2-3 click.’ Once I’ve recorded each part that I hear then I’ll go back and listen to what I’ve accumulated. Always, to my amazement, it’s a full production song.”

Scott said he writes his own lyrics which are based upon his personal experiences.

He said his purpose in recording was to help others find hope when it seemed unobtainable.

“I want an opportunity to affect the lives of people that are desperate when making choices,” he said.

Scott’s father, Bob Handy, said Scott had a friend, in Portales, that committed suicide which left behind a young child.

“This changed the way Scott’s looked at life,” said Bob.

Scott wrote a song called, “Now You’re Gone” that exposes the reality and finality of suicide.

“I let God touch people through me,” Scott said. “I am his instrument to say what he wants others to hear.”

With a full time job and countless hours recording, Scott said he has little time to promote his album. He has sold more than 100 copies but plans to begin promoting it once he completes his second CD which is underway.

Anthony Handy, his brother, said, “Scott has been blessed by God for sure. He has more talent than even he knows he has.”