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Movie crew sets up shop in Clovis

Producers of a movie called “Believe in Me” say filming will begin before the end of the month, and their Clovis production office will open Tuesday in the Wells Fargo Bank building.

If all goes as scheduled, filming will begin Sept. 28, said co-producer John Manulis.

About 70 percent of the filming will be done in Clovis, Portales and in the surrounding communities, writer-director Robert Collector said.

The movie is based on a true story about a coach who took an underdog Oklahoma girls basketball team to the state championship in the 1960s. The script is adapted by Harold Keith from his book, “Brief Garland.”

The film is being produced independently, so there is no guarantee of distribution after it is filmed and edited, Manulis said. Making the movie in this way will allow Collector to have maximum artistic control over the process, and the result should be a more inspiring piece than if it were being overseen by a large production company, Manulis said.

Because the movie is set in the early 1960s, producers are requesting help from the community to make the scenes look real.

Jill Silverstone, line producer for the film, asked local residents to look through their closets and attics and see if they have anything that fits the period. She said the production company could use clothing, jewelry and other accessories from the 1950s and early ’60s.

They could also use period cars, she said.

The budget for the film is under $10 million. Producers were unsure exactly how much of an economic impact it would have on the area, but said it should be significant.

The filmmakers have not named any stars to appear in the movie yet. Collector said they were still deep in the thick of casting, but they will announce the stars soon.

Karen Harris will be the contact at the production office opening Tuesday. That office can be contacted at 769-0029 or by going to the Wells Fargo building at 223 Main.