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July 27 South County News

Charlie Carmichael

South County News

The rain was all the way down into Lea County and beyond. Sure looked good to see the Tom and Robin Cox family come to church Sunday in a pretty muddy vehicle. It seems so many times the rain has all but missed them.

Back in Africa

Dustin Carmichael called and he arrived back in Djibouti, Africa at 10 p.m. Texas time Saturday night (Sunday morning there). He left Houston at 4 p.m. Friday afternoon. The flight made him sick again but not as sick as when he got home from over there on Monday afternoon the 13th. He said when his time is up he is coming home to “STAY”. He is right at the southwest end of the Red Sea, dry and hot, up to 147 degrees in summer heat. Djibouti is in the Northern tip of Somalia. He will be home before Christmas.

Lingo reunion

This year the former and present friends of and relatives of the Lingo Community will gather at the Senior Citizens Center at 501 N. Industrial Drive in Portales. This will be on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. There will be a covered dish luncheon at noon. All attendees are asked to please bring your favorite food to share with everyone. Bring photos or any thing from the past for everyone to enjoy. For more information call Joe Beakley at (806) 797-6735 in Lubbock.

There were once quiet a lot of people lived in and around Lingo. A former teacher, Sarah Bilberry (who is now deceased), once told me at one time there were more than 60 school students in walking distance of the Lingo School. In 1921 my records show there were 37 students then. The post office, established in 1918, is not still open. The Methodist was organized but never built a building and eventually joined other churches. The Lingo post office was named Weed at first but there was a Need post office just six miles southwest in 1916, so due to nearness of names the Weed post office was changed to the name of Lingo. Like so many of our area schools, churches and communities now are a lot of precious memories in history.

Lost or Strayed

Ten nanny goats and one billy goat are gone from Ray Lee Criswell’s home. They have been gone since last Wednesday. They are white goats with the reddish/brown on their feet, etc. Call 477-2243 or 356-9104 if they show up at your place.

Charlie Sez

In 1916 there were covered wagons coming in to the Lingo area looking for the land of the pure and free.