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Drug bust leads to several arrests

CLOVIS — Sheriff Roger Hatcher and his deputies arrested two Clovis residents Saturday evening in a routine drug bust, but Hatcher said those two arrests multiplied to seven as more people continued to visit the residence to buy drugs.

One of those arrested drove from Portales when a deputy set up a drug buy.

“This particular thing was pretty strange,” Hatcher said. “(The accused) called from Portales and one of the deputies answered the phone. He said he wanted some stuff, so we set up a buy with an undercover officer.”

Hatcher said another person arrested, a 23-year-old Clovis woman, pulled up to the house in a car with two other people. When police checked their identification, officers arrested her on a $20,000 cash-only bond for failure to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on charges of trafficking cocaine, online court records show.

The main target of the investigation was a tenant at the 1300 block of West Ninth Street. Hatcher said he conducted the drug bust inside the city limits because of an urgent tip from one of his confidential informants.

“We had several other people coming by, probably to buy drugs, but we couldn’t hold them because we couldn’t prove it,” Hatcher said.

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