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Genuine talent in danger of replacement

Letters to the editor

I saw the June 11 Amos column on the poor fellow whose “bug band” had ’em rockin’ like bigtime in imaginary church. Church traditionalists seem to have risen “as one man” (Judges 20:8) and thrown band equipment off the comfy-fun church altar stage and onto hard pavement.

Maybe Amos and the angry crusader overlook that now is not the rock ‘n’ roll ’50s. Church boards take a dim view of the original public address system only because they can get something bigger and louder. Meanwhile, shysters are passing off anything, including a brain-scrambling metal-techno mix (i.e., so-called Christian heavy metal) as Christian contemporary since the 1980s.

That’s 20 years of brethren being accused of intolerance, when they voice concerns about decibels or contemporary Christian selections! Genuine talent is in danger of being replaced by the background tape. Traditional hymnals and their lively harmonies (when played and sung as intended) are largely ignored in favor of thin dronelike melodies and commander-styled rhythms, so-called “contemporary.”

Gets old, doesn’t it? (John 2:15-17).

— Esther Thompson


There are bigger problems than Kid

Now I have heard it all.

I have lived in the Southwest a long time and seen some really stupid stuff. I have been to Lincoln and read all of Billy the Kid’s letters. I was a history major a one time, so I know a little about Billy the Kid.

The bottom line is: Who give a rat’s furry butt? I would think the state had other problems to worry about than who is buried in what grave, in what state.

How many millions of dollars will be wasted and exploited over this whole matter while we bellyache about low teacher pay, underpaid firefighters and policemen.

I would think that if anyone understood this it would be the governor.

Some mysteries in life will be just that — mysteries. You can decide on your own whether Billy was a bad guy or a good guy or who is buried where. Leave it alone. No one cares.

If you are that interested in the subject, do a documentary on it. But for heaven’s sake let the dead stay buried. Billy is probably more popular now than when he was alive.

— David Boswell


Thanks to Clovis

for great hospitality

I am from Albuquerque and was in Clovis from June 9 to 12 for the North—South All Star Softball Series. My daughter played for the North.

I would like to thank the entire community of Clovis for the hospitality extended to all the players, family and guests who attended. I would like to extend a special thanks to Coach Brani Thomas and all her staff who did a wonderful job in putting this event together.

The Clovis High School softball facility is better than most college complexes. I believe this is due to the backing of the community and the commitment to the program by the coaching staff.

Although Clovis is not centrally located in the state, everyone I spoke with did not mind the drive because we were all treated so well by everyone. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone in your great town.

— Victor Lovato