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Clovis police find no problems after woman calls 911.

About a dozen police officers, some carrying long-barreled rifles, surrounded a Clovis post office Wednesday evening after a woman called 911 and said a person was in the building with a gun.

Police Chief Bill Carey said police are investigating, but have no suspects in the incident that occurred about 5:15 p.m. at the Gidding Street station.

No gun was found.

Carey said a woman called after a man told her not to enter the building. The man said there was a woman in the building with a gun.

Upon arrival, a police officer confronted a woman in a truck attempting to exit the post office parking lot.

The woman, who identified herself as Norma Flores, said an officer asked, “Do you have a weapon? Stay out of your car. Stay out of your car.”

Moments later the officer threw her to the ground.

“Somebody called the police and said a female was in the office with a gun. The first female that came out of the office, they threw her to the ground,” Flores said.

Lt. Ron Hutchison said the officer stopped Flores because she was a possible suspect.

“The officer stopped her because he wasn’t sure if she had the gun, somebody else had the gun ... he wasn’t going to let her drive away,” Hutchison said.

The woman who called 911, Marie Brackney, said she told police a man in his 30s told her in the post office parking lot there was a man in the post office with a gun.

“I called 911 ... I thought I was going to have a heart attack ... I was shaking. I’m still shaking,” Brackney said about two hours after the incident. “An officer told me they couldn’t find anyone in there with a gun. He said ‘I think someone has pulled a fast one on you.’”

Postal workers Mary Sue Stone and Jerry Carlton, who said they were at the counter at the time of the incident, said they saw no one inside the building with a gun, nor did they see anyone with anything that looked like a gun.

“Everything was normal,” Stone said.