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U.S. Postal Service should display flag

Letters to the editor

Our United States Postal Service (USPS) in Clovis has a serious problem understanding the importance of flying our flag at the appropriate times.

Memorial Day provided an excellent example. The flag was not flying freely as it should have been.

Many businesses and private homeowners across Clovis proudly displayed the American flag but not the post office. If our USPS officials ignore flying the flag on Memorial Day when our nation is at war and many of our brave and lethal warriors are on the front lines, how can we expect them to honor the flag during the rest of the year? The simple fact is, we can’t!

Take note of the number of times during a week you pass by the USPS at 1224 W. 21st and see a painfully empty flagpole. It occurs too often every week, even though citizens have voiced their concerns to USPS managers.

You will never pass by the Curry County Courthouse, schools when they are in session, our fire stations, the credit unions, the hospital or Cannon Air Force Base without seeing the American flag properly displayed at the appropriate times. Should we not expect the USPS to function at the same level of awareness?

After all, it is a federal agency.

— Denver Jones


Curry and Roosevelt winners in DA’s race

First of all, congratulations to the people of Curry and Roosevelt counties. They are the real winners in the 9th Judicial District Attorney’s race.

From way over here in Houston, being a native New Mexican and graduate of Eastern New Mexico University, I pay attention to the numerous times Clovis is in the headlines for major crimes.

Clovis’ rate is considerably higher than the national average when it comes to murder, rape, aggravated assaults, burglaries, and larceny.

Only car thefts and robberies in Clovis are lower than the national average. Source:

I think the numbers speak for themselves.

Chandler ... will take on the attitude, “This office can prosecute everything to the fullest degree of the law.” Then it’s up to the judges and juries to help Chandler send the message to criminals that Curry and Roosevelt counties are not places for criminals.

— Jay Mobley


A little means much to Lighthouse Mission

If your family is anything like ours, there is an opportunity for charity giving in the mail each day. Many of these groups receive a donation from our home.

As I was reading the church section of the Clovis News Journal last Friday, the problems of the Lighthouse Mission weighed heavily upon my heart.

These people have continued a Christian ministry in our county and city for many years. The Gomez brothers have a true heart of giving. As is written in the Scriptures, Jesus says, “When you give to the least of these, then you give to me.”

Pondering over the need for money for the Lighthouse renovation brought an idea to mind that might reap a harvest for these people. There are 101 churches in the city directory. If even 10 people from each of these churches would send $1, $5 or even $10 for this great and urgent need, then we as a family could feel like we stretched out our hand to them.

They feed, clothe and shelter the down-and-out in the name of the love of God.

Donations may be made to:

Lighthouse Mission

Building Fund

Citizens Bank of Clovis

P.O. Box 1629

Clovis 88101

Together, we can stretch out our hands to those who are less fortunate than we. There are so many unchurched in our community and possibly you would think this is a worthy entity to receive help from you.

— Roberta Lansford