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May 5 South County News

Praise the Lord for more rain in the area. There was some hail but no bad damage reported so far. A few miles over in Lea County they had quite a hail storm and damage to homes, etc.


Sherri and Hershell Carmichael had her parents, Ray and Joan Zanday from Deming, down for most of last week.


Farmers started planting cotton on their irrigated farms this week. The ground finally warmed up enough. When the cotton is all in the ground, the planters will probably be filled with peanut seeds next. There will not be much rest now until all crops are planted. By then some cotton and corn will be about ready for whatever plowing is needed for each crop.

Twin Nieces

Mavis Carmichael had a good report from her nieces. They are going their separate ways even though they are identical. One is out of college and is a computer whiz of sorts. She travels all over in whatever her responsibilities are. Her name is Christy and her twin is Misty. She is going to be a doctor and has been accepted into Scott and White as an intern.

Western Women

Some ladies from our area attended the Christian Women’s meeting last Saturday and reported a wonderful time. Robin Cox of Pep was one of the speakers. Suzy Gayle of Roswell sang some of her western Christian songs. Melissa Lamb, formerly of Rogers, puts out a newsletter on the meetings and events.

Charlie Sez

In 1862 Mexico’s General Ignacio Zaragoza defeated the French at puebla de los Angeles, commiserated today, may 5th as the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo.

Have a great Cinco de Mayo today and happy Mother’s Day Sunday.