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Small church seeks community help for repairs

Reporter's notebook

One of the smallest churches in Clovis had to cancel services over the winter and is seeking community help to raise $2,000 needed for repairs.

According to Elder R.D. Wesson, pastor of the By the New and Living Way Church of God in Christ at 121 Thornton, the church’s central heating unit cannot be used because of break in the gas line.

“The gas company has informed us that a line outside the church has a leak that needs to be repaired,” Wesson wrote in a letter to the Clovis News Journal.

“We realize that it is a dangerous situation,” Wesson wrote. “Every effort is being made to raise the money, but our resources are limited.”

PNM spokesman Don Brown confirmed that the gas had been shut off and that it was the church’s responsibility to pay the repair cost because the line is on church property.

Church member Marshea Evans said the congregation isn’t just looking for money but would be happy to accept donated labor to repair the problem.

“If someone can offer plumbing services, that would be helpful,” Evans said. “I have two young grandsons, 4 and 2, and I really would like to get them back into church.”

Wesson said the church, which he founded in 1956, currently has nine members. The congregation held its first services since November this past Sunday, as the weather has become warmer.

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