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Police Blotter 4/11

Staff at a Clovis elementary school called police about 4 p.m. Monday to report that a 9-year-old male student had stolen a basket of candy from a teacher’s locker and had also stolen items in the past at school. Several students at school had also been observed with candy and they said the student had given it to them.

The student told police he took the candy from the teacher’s locker without permission and did so because he was hungry.

• • •

About 7:15 p.m. Monday, police responded to the 3600 block of Sheridan where a resident said she had gotten a call from a friend asking who she had given her vehicle to.

The resident said her 1999 Plymouth Breeze had been parked outside with the doors locked before it was taken. The resident’s friend told police the car was last seen on Rio Street.

• • •

Police responded about 1 a.m. Tuesday to a gas station at the 3500 block of North Prince where a 51-year-old woman was extremely intoxicated and had blood on her.

The woman said she had gotten into an argument with her boyfriend but due to her intoxication level, police could not determine what happened. The boyfriend told police she had gotten drunk and started tearing up the apartment, and that the blood came from him when he was attempting to take a knife away from her. Police took the woman into protective custody and placed her into the detox cell at the county jail.

• • •

About 5 a.m. Tuesday, police responded to a public fight in progress at an address on Connie Lane. Upon arrival, officers determined that two brothers, one 52 and the other 49, had been arguing over heat in their trailer and one had become drunk.

The intoxicated brother accused the other of attacking him with a knife and causing minor injuries. The other brother denied attacking him but showed police minor injuries he said were inflicted on him with a knife, but cuts on his clothes looked as if they had been made by tearing rather than cutting. Police arrested the intoxicated brother for battery on a household member due to the inconsistency of his story.

• • •

About 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, the Clovis High School principal reported that a student in gym class had pulled a knife on another student. When confronted by police, the 18-year-old male student showed a knife with a blade about 5 inches long.

The student said he had been approached by a 16-year-old male regarding a fight they were supposed to have had on Monday. The student said he would not fight at school, at which time the other student started demanding to fight him and put up his hands to fight. The student said he pulled the knife because another student had gotten around behind him and he was afraid he was about to be jumped.

Police took the student with the knife to the adult detention center and booked him for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and unlawful carrying of a deadly weapon on school grounds.

• • •

Police responded about 11:30 a.m. Tuesday to a Clovis hardware store where a manager found three $50 counterfeit bills in the cash receipts. Police located a video of the cash transaction showing the customer who paid with the counterfeit money.

• • •

A junior high principal called police about 1:20 p.m. to report that two female students had set a trash can in the bathroom on fire and walked out. Other students noticed the smoke and called a custodian who extinguished the fire with water. No fire personnel were called due to extinguishing the blaze quickly.

Police reported they would get an arrest warrant for arson.

• • •

The pastor of a Clovis church called police about 2:15 p.m. Tuesday to report that a TV/VCR combo worth about $120 had been stolen from the church building and that glass had been broken in a nearby window.

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