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Unknown teens find woman's cat after long search

Reporter's Notebook

With the recent rash of crime, Jackie Zimmerman said she was scared early Wednesday morning when she hit the dark streets near her home on West 17th Street in search of her injured cat.

The elderly woman, who needs a cane to walk, didn’t feel any safer when she saw three teenagers walking toward her about 3 a.m.

That fear turned to comfort quickly.

Zimmerman said the teenagers decided to search for her cat, as it was late and they thought it would be best Zimmerman be in her home.

Not long after, the teenagers rounded up about seven more friends and began searching the neighborhood for the cat, which needs an operation on its toe, Zimmerman said.

Twelve hours passed before the teens knocked on Zimmerman’s door — a secret knock so she would know who they were — with the injured cat safe and secure.

“I was just so tickled,” Zimmerman said. “They searched from 3 this morning to 3 this afternoon for that cat.”

Zimmerman, who was teary-eyed Wednesday afternoon because of the teens’ kindness, said she didn’t get any of their names but is still floored by their altruism.

“These are happy tears,” she said.

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