Local company engraves monument for free


Reporter's Notebook

Diane Glaze of Glaze Monument wasn’t looking for publicity when her company decided to provide free engraving for the new veterans’ memorial, but with about $20,000 worth of free labor, Glaze Monument is providing the single largest contribution.

“If we need the money that bad we shouldn’t be in business,” Glaze said. “My mother and father started the company, my mother’s brothers served in Vietnam, my brother is currently serving at the air base with homeland security and we do have a military background.”

Glaze said the cost to buy the pillars for the veterans’ memorial, ship them to Clovis, engrave them with about 170 names and install them outside the Clovis-Carver Memorial Library would be between $20,000 and $27,000 if billed at commercial rates. Instead, Glaze Monument is billing the Joint Veterans’ Council of Clovis only $5,000 for the stones and $1,000 to install them on pedestals outside the library.

“With groups like the veterans we like helping out; my family all came home, we were fortunate that way,” Glaze said. “We recognize it is important that we have men an women who are willing to sacrifice for our freedom we live for every day.”

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