Blue jeans are not the issue; it's control


Letters to the Editor

As one of the silent six in the audience at last week’s school board meeting, I feel compelled to reply to the article published in Thursday’s News Journal.

First, I commend Ryan Lengerich for accurately reporting what occurred at the meeting. As the education reporter he has done an excellent job of reporting the facts presented to him.

However, these facts and many others have been manipulated and words have been twisted, resulting in confusion and frustration for the faculties and staff members of the Clovis schools.

Second, blue denim jeans is not really the issue.

Teachers who don’t look “professional” in blue denim jeans will not look “professional” in any alternate color of denim jeans. Since blue denim is a popular fashion trend, and a comfortable wardrobe item, of course many teachers are wearing such items. Chalk dust and playground dirt wash out of the denim, unlike the apparel requiring dry cleaning.

Third, the main problem with this issue is communication — or the lack thereof.

During any school year, rumors fly. Some have a true foundation and some are strictly fluff. Regarding the current controversy surrounding the dress code for teachers, the underlying message is control.

Since our governor managed to promote education by having a cabinet level officer and giving absolute control to the district superintendents, some powers have subsequently been abused — at the local level, at the district level and at the state level.

Fourth, I have spent 42 years in the Clovis Municipal Schools, 12 as a student and 30 as a faculty member.

Never in all those years have I felt that truth was so exaggerated and misunderstood. The administration hired us as staff because we have the qualifications to do the job.

Come watch us, follow us around for one day, and then determine if our attire affects our ability to impart knowledge.

Nedra Isbell


Clovis High School

CHS’ ‘Oklahoma’ a blowout performance

I have to write a letter concerning Clovis High School’s production of “Oklahoma.” If you didn’t attend the performance at least one of the three nights, you missed one of the most enjoyable evenings Clovis has offered.

I would like to commend choral director Chuck Tipton and his assistants for their direction and selection of cast members and the construction of the stage scenery.

The cast was, without exception, very professional and very talented. They gave me the impression they enjoyed their parts and worked well together. I have a hard time believing they were only high school students and not professionals.

I would also like to commend the workers behind the stage; they did a great job keeping things moving.

I am under the impression this is a one-time show. If at all possible, I would love to make it an annual affair. If the cost of a ticket was not enough to cover costs, I feel the audience would gladly pay more.

Gerald Clancy


I usually don’t express my opinions publicly, but felt the need to do so in this case. I had the pleasure of attending the Clovis High School performance of “Oklahoma” on Feb. 21 and sat literally enthralled through nearly three hours of wonderful entertainment.

If you missed it, you missed a spectacular presentation. I for one would like to see this presentation again and hope there is a possibility they may perform another weekend.

I offer my congratulations to all the young people who participated in this presentation, to the support people, the directors and Chuck Tipton. Do it again next year.

Shirley Kaiser


Thanks for making ‘Native’ event possible

I would like to recognize and thank all of the participants of the Native Connections event at Marshall Junior High School on Feb. 21.

This was our third event for the community and the turnout of about 240 people was greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all for a great time.

Wayne K. Head



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