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No complaining about the sound of freedom

Letters to the Editor

I can understand to a point some ranchers’ concerns about the sound of Air Force jets flying over their land. To me it is the sound of freedom.

The ranchers should feel different and willing to sacrifice the noise if those men that fly the jets are willing to defend the ranchers’ land and cattle with their lives.

With all the fault the United States has, I would rather live in this country than anywhere else. I am for whatever it takes to keep my family safe and alive. We have never had to fight a world war in the United States and I hope we never do.

Bud Klingensmith


Clovis dumpsters need overhaul

I read an article in the Albuquerque Journal pertaining to trash and litter in their area.

If they want to see trash and litter, they should travel to this area and see the trash and litter along highways, alleys, our city park and zoo area, and all the plastic bags in trees and on the fences.

I read something that stated the homeowner is responsible for cleanup in dumpster areas. Apparently some of these citizens do not care, as I have seen dumpsters overflowing, with trash piled high beside them.

Maybe the solution in these areas would be a larger dumpster, as the size now is not large enough for four residences. I realize these cost more, but couldn’t they be introduced in the most severe problem areas first?

Some of the dumpsters in use now are falling apart and have cracks in the bottom seams. One of these days, the bottom and the trash will stay there when the dumpster is lifted.

Harry M. Richards


Departed officer a great loss to Clovis

The Clovis Police Department recently lost another qualified officer: Chrissy Jacklin.

Officer Jacklin was one of the school resource officers, although most recently she’d been a traffic cop because there are not enough police on the streets of Clovis.

What a terrible loss for the people and students of Clovis. Why did she leave? She told me she left for higher pay in another law enforcement position.

When will this madness stop?

Will it take every police officer and firefighter to quit before we take action to get these people more pay?

We should at least pay them equal to what other communities on this side of the state pay their civil servants.

These people put their lives on the line every day and deserve a decent wage that’s at least comparable to what their peers earn in other cities around this part of the state.

Yes, it is their choice to serve but it’s also their choice to leave to make their lives better.

Clovis seems to be the place to get free training for bigger and better things.

Thanks, Chrissy, for a job well done. And sorry for not paying you or your peers what they deserve.

Scott C. Kilian


Clovis headed for bad crime trend

I am writing to say the Curry County sheriff’s office and Clovis police department, along with the community’s firefighters and paramedics, need to have better wages so they can stay in Clovis and do their work.

Has anyone thought what will happen to us with more people leaving these jobs to get better wages elsewhere?

Also, police reports published in the Clovis News Journal show a lot of troubles at Clovis schools. This is another bad situation. Clovis could have teachers leave due to the trouble and the students who are in schools to learn are at risk.

The law enforcement officers have a lot of territory to cover and with so few officers.

I think all of these situations are very serious and hope the county and city will try to find a way to get the finances to keep our people here to protect us.

I grew up in Clovis and we have never had crime like we have lately.

Helen G. Harmon


CHS students reflect teachers’ influence

I attended the Clovis High School production of “Oklahoma” on Thursday evening. I really enjoyed the production and I thank those teenagers for their hard work.

I also appreciate them for using the talent that God gave each one of them.

The use of special gifts is also apparent in the teachers that support our young people in all of our area schools. Not just Clovis. I would also like to thank them for their work and their good efforts.

My son Jarod is finishing up his high school experience this year and I am glad he is around such wonderful people.

Darryl Baldwin