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Why limit love?

Let’s look at it this way, folks. Valentine’s Day was a week ago. The obligatory rose and chocolates have been given. We have reassured the object of our affection that she is indeed the love of a lifetime. So we can put away our romantic tendencies for another year, right?

Hey, wait a minute. Isn’t the romance thing a year-round commitment? Isn’t that a flame we try to keep burning all year long? Isn’t that an emotion and a way of expressing it, not a switch you turn off and on? Isn’t it a lifestyle, not a couple of random actions?

Well, yeah, it’s supposed to be. So what are some ways to keep romance alive, as winter fades into spring?

n Have a tough time expressing yourself? Why not take out an ad in the newspaper? You know those cool ones they do when a baby is born, or somebody has an anniversary? I have a friend who did this for Valentine’s Day. I guess it’s not illegal to take out an “I love you” ad just because. Huh! Why didn’t I think of that?

n The thought of a winter picnic occurred to me in last week’s snowstorm. To be honest, where I come from that wasn’t much of a storm, more like a typical day between November and March, so as I looked at it swirling I thought “ What a great day for a picnic!” There is a biology principle at work here, folks; outdoor activity invigorates the endorphins, which in turn cranks the romance level.

n Spring a total surprise on her. Jan did this for my Valentine present. I thought the trip to Amarillo was for a hockey game, which I reasoned would be a great Valentine. Little did I know it was for the SuperBull Bull Riding, with a Chris LeDoux concert after wards. The only bad part was he didn’t sing “Look At You, Girl,” which is kinda special. …

n Head up for a favorite outdoor place. This morning Dateline:Santa Fe was talking about the invasion planned for the Petroglyph Monuments (that’s a whole ‘nother column) but it reminded me of Bandolier, which is a real special outdoor place for us, and I suppose always will be. So if you have the time and inclination — once again, there is the endorphin aspect.

n Do something kind together. Go visit a nursing home and pass out treats (check with the nurses first on diet issues) Spend time taking care of an elderly or disabled neighbor’s work load for them. Scope your friendship circle for a harried single mom or dad, and take their kids on an outing for them. Go down and spend some time playing with the dogs ‘n’ cats at the animal shelter (but don’t blame me if you end up adopting one.)

So we have the usual ways to remind yourself that you are a being intended for romance, and if you read this column we talk about those frequently. Maybe today you will take out some more creative suggestions. Don’t be one of those guys who breathes a sigh of relief because Feb. 14 is over. …

Clyde Davis is pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Portales and an instructor at Eastern New Mexico Universi-ty. He can be contacted at

[email protected]