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Prince Street traffic due to old system

Letters to the Editor

I read in Wednesday’s paper that citations were issued by Clovis police to many motorists that blocked the intersection of Prince and Commerce Way.

This has been a problem for quite some time. Could it possibly be that the traffic system in Clovis is outdated?

It seems there is quite an increase in cars traveling north on Prince Street. It is frustrating and makes the best of us impatient and angry.

I propose the city look at alternative traffic signals to help alleviate this huge problem. It might help between the hours of 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. to synchronize the lights at 21st Street and Commerce Way. It seems that when the light at Commerce Way is green, the light at 21st is red.

Something needs to be done. Our population is increasing and out-of-town traffic is increasing for the shopping here. We need to better figure out solutions for our frustrated residents.

Susan Hubby


Traffic laws enforced at last

In reference to the traffic citations issued recently at Prince and Commerce Way:

Finally! I don’t know how many times I have been honked at from behind at Commerce and Prince for not moving forward to block the intersection. Unfortunately, the vehicles next to me will go on anyway, further infuriating those behind me.

That same intersection has another safety hazard. Even though Prince Street forms a single “on ramp” lane onto Commerce (two lanes), the yield sign is posted on Commerce. This sign is just past the traffic light and is directly into the sunlight in the evenings.

Eighteen wheelers sitting in the southbound lane on Prince do a fantastic job of blocking the view of those trying to get through the Commerce intersection. This is also the point where you are just picking up speed to clear the intersection. This defies logic and needs to be corrected.

Mike Hess


With new businesses, tax is unnecessary

I see in the paper that the city commission is bringing out its big guns, holding town hall meetings to try to convince the people of Clovis to give them more money. (A proposed increase in gross-receipts taxes goes to voters on March 2.)

I believe that with all the new businesses that have started up in Clovis — Lowes, Hobby Lobby, Hastings, Rib Crib to name a few — and with the start of construction at the cheese plant, those businesses will bring in more people to spend money; so the increased tax is unnecessary.

Commissioners should make every effort to spend the money they are now receiving and the increased revenues more wisely.

Come on, tax-paying citizens of Clovis, let’s get out and vote out these commissioners that are running for re-election and vote out the mayor, David Lansford. Two terms is more than enough.

Send a message to the commissioners up for re-election that we are tired of their misuse of our tax money. In my mind, they really blew it when they voted themselves a raise. If they are really concerned with doing things to help make Clovis a better place they will vote to cancel this raise for themselves and concentrate more on giving the hard-working city employees a much-deserved raise.

Bill Lee