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Economy not cause of job losses


The more I hear about our “bad economy” and the loss of jobs in this country, the more sick to my stomach I become.

What Americans should realize is that a good portion of job loss in this country is likely the aftermath of the North American Free Trade Agreement enacted by our former president just prior to his leaving office.

It would be interesting to have the numbers on how many jobs have been farmed out to Mexico since that charade went into effect.

For any candidate to blame President Bush is an injustice and a cop out for them to get into office.

My personal take on these issues is this: When we see banks starting to close down and we no longer have to wait in checkout lines, then the economy is bad.

Bill Sconone


City’s defense of pay raise falls flat

I read in the paper that Clovis city commissioners voted themselves a $2,000 per year pay raise.

Then I read responses from commissioners defending their pay raises. One commissioner’s granddaughter who lives in another state even wrote in defending the raise.

I think commissioners know the pay and the work involved when they run for office. It seems more a civic contribution than a job and they know that.

If a commission candidate does not like the pay, they should not run for office.

As for the commissioner’s granddaughter, she should get involved in her own town.

Steve Gershon



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